Multiday tours in Bulgaria

Starting from Sofia

6 Days Wine and History Tour 
starting from Sofia / 6 nights / 2 wine tastings / 6 breakfast

With this, carefully selected itinerary, you will stay a bit out of the most touristic places of Bulgaria and get deeper in the atmosphere of our history, culture, way of living in different time periods and, of course, the wine, which is seriously involved in it. We can say that this tour is more like a boutique one, because it is a wonderful combination of nature, sightseeing, traditions with 2 overnights in some of the best chatoes in Bulgaria, where you will enjoy great food, served with the appropriate wine. 
The rest of the evenings you will enjoy beautiful towns and cities, like Tryavna, the Medieval capital of Bulgaria Veliko Tarnovo and the pearl on the Danube river - Ruse.    

9 Days Bulgaria, Greece and Macedonia 
starting from Sofia / 9 full days / 9 nights / 9 breakfasts
With this tour you will experience some of the best in Bulgaria, Greece and Macedonia. It is very rich of historical, archaeological and natural sites. It will explain to you the common Balkan heritage, but also the local differences. You will drive on carefully selected roads and stay in recommended 3* hotels. Your guide will be highly professional and educated, and will share with you all of his knowledge.
5 Days in the top 5 cities in Bulgaria 
starting from Sofia / 5 nights / 5 full days / 5 breakfast
Explore the top 4 cities in Bulgaria. Enjoy the history, culture and food. During the day you wll visit monasteries, fortresses, castles, Roman theatre and stadium, museums and many more. The evenings you will be introduced to the night life - the most popular restaurants, bars and clubs. Every night you will be in different city, exploring Bulgaria's highlights.
9 days 4 Balkan Capitals
starting from Sofia / 9 full days / 8 nights / 8 breakfasts
If you are eager to discover the balkans, this trip is the best you can choose. Not only you will visit the Capitals of Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and North Macedonia but also you will explore other historical cities, medieval towns and natural wonders. Our guide will provide all his knowledge for the region and will do his best to present it in the appropriate context.    
2 Days War and History Tour 
starting from Sofia / 1 nights / 2 full days / 1 breakfast
During this intensitive 2 days tour from Sofia, we will explore the heritage and culture of two countries in the Western Balkans – North Macedonia and Kosovo. You will learn about the rich and fascinating ancient history of these lands and understand a bit better the complexity of the politics and the search for identity in the modern age.
starting from Sofia / 6 full days / 7 nights / 7 breakfasts

This excursion is all about the top Caves and natural wonders in Bulgaria. Your guide will take you to the limits. Beautiful mountain, lakes, caves and landscape will be around you in the next 7 days. Be ready for the revelation of the glittering magic.